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Salar Ahmadian

Born in Iran in 1957, Salar Ahmadian's works, known for their unique use of Persian calligraphy, have been exhibited in Iran, North America, Europe, and the Persian Gulf region. They have also been sold at Christie's auctions, as well as Art Expo sales in Kuwait.

Salar's most recent works weave together text and colour, tradition and modernity. He goes beyond the calligraphic script to present a new visual language akin to the symbolism of Pop Art or the creative process of Surrealism.

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Kambiz Sharif

Kambiz Sharif, was born in 1978 in Tabriz, Iran. During his teenage years he developed an interest in art, taking pictures and drawing sketches and using different materials, clay, wood, etc. to make models. From 1992 to 1996 Kambiz attended the Mirak Arts School in Tabriz, earning his Art Diploma.

After graduation Sharif moved to Tehran where he opened a studio and began working in sculpture full-time, using form to express his thoughts and feelings. Largely a self-taught sculptor, Sharif opened his own sculptural school in 2001 with classes in clay, wood, stone, and in bronze casting.

In 2009 Kambiz Sharif migrated to Vancouver Canada, starting a new phase of his career and life. Opening a studio in Vancouver he continues his sculptural practice. As always, Sharif's abstract works utilize intricate conceptual ideas and draw their inspiration from the broader social world as well as everyday life and timeless concepts of beauty.

During his years as a practicing artist, Kambiz has received many awards and recognitions, including the first place prize in the Third Tehran Sculpture Biennial in 2002, a diploma in Arts from the Ministry of Arts and Culture in 2003, and the Diploma of Courageous Ideas in Art from the Forth Tehran Sculpture Biennial in 2004. At ArtDubai (Dubai 2015) Kambiz' work was in such high demand he "sold out" on the first day.

Kambiz Sharif is a member of the Institute for the Promotion of Visual Arts in Iran, a member of the Society of Iranian Sculptors in Tehran, Iran, and a member of the International Sculptors Center. His works have been shown both in solo and group exhibitions in Iran as well as in galleries internationally.

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Ahmad Sakhavarz

Drawing, painting, and sculpture are the mediums through which Ahmad (Alan) Sakhavarz turns imagination into reality.

At the centre of his manifold pieces is his quest to understand the human condition and the world in which we live. At times, he expresses himself through satire in political cartoons, while at others, he works to ‘lyrically manipulate’ the human form and capture the beauty of nature.

An Iranian-born autodidact, Sakhavarz worked in Tehran both before and after 1979, and witnessed firsthand the effects of political turmoil, revolution, and social upheaval as a cartoonist. Now, after living for more than three decades in Canada, he has established himself as a landscape painter and sculptor. His background and heritage have always informed his work, and have also afforded him the ability to give shape to ideas that are often ineffable.

Based in Toronto, Sakhavarz’s works can be seen in both private and corporate collections across North America. As well, they have been exhibited in numerous prestigious museums and galleries in the continent, such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the Leigh Yaw Key Art Museum. He is also a member of the Society of Animal Artists and Oil Painters of America.

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Leila Fathizadeh

Leila Fathizadeh was born into an artistic family in Iran in 1978. Passionate about the arts from an early age, she completed her BA in agricultural engineering at Tehran University, and later pursued an MA in composition. After winning an award for her art from Japan in 2009, Leila began to focus more seriously on painting. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Iran.

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Sara Niroobakhsh

Born in the southern part of Iran, Sara Niroobakhsh is a Toronto-based visual artist. Holding a Master's degree in Illustration from Art University in Tehran, she has been working as a painter, photographer, and video artist since 2008.

Sara's works explore the relationship between ancient cultures, semiotics, monuments, and memories, and are heavily influenced by both Iranian (i.e. Aryan) and Semitic imagery and traditions. Her dark, ambient portraits tell not only of her story as an Iranian woman, but also of the experiences of Iranian women in general. Exposing her hopes and dreams before the camera as both a ‘reciter of memories’ and an eyewitness, Sara illustrates with artistry the ongoing conflict between the desires and ambitions of Iranian women stripped of agency in a man’s world, and the often dull, mundane, stifling, and lackluster realities they face throughout their daily lives – and which they have to accustom themselves to, often against their will.

Sara has exhibited her works in galleries in Tehran, as well as around the Middle East and in Europe.

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Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar

Since his birth, Sassan was surrounded by art. With passionate artists as parents, he very early on developed an interest in painting, installation art, photography, and sculpture. Later on, while studying business, he continued to experiment with different mediums in his atelier.

Currently based in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Sassan’s works have been the focus of international attention from France to the UAE. His latest series of works, The Real Me, features a unique mix of photography and video installations, where, in his own words, he ‘represents a clear picture of the reality of most Iranians today, contrary to what the global media tries to portray’. The series grew out of his frustration with the way in which foreign media ‘brainwashes’ the masses with respect to notions and ideas of modern-day Iran.

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Hossein Fatemi

Hossein Fatemi began his career in photography in 1997. Since then he has travelled extensively and worked in Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Russia, India, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.  His work has been exhibited internationally and published widely in publications including The Sunday Times Magazine, Newsweek, Time, Paris Match, VSD magazine, NEON magazine, Foreign Policy, The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Hossein has documented the life of Iranian youth and daily life in his native country while continuing to shoot news and current affairs stories.  He has received numerous awards including POYi, LensCulture, Days Japan, Unicef and CHIPP. He has also been awarded a grant to work on his personal projects from The Art of Photography Show in San Diego, USA.

After a few years covering the war in Afghanistan, he is now based in Chicago, USA.

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Mostafa Choobtarash

Mostafa Choobtarash was born in Tehran in 1983. Holding both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting from the Azad and Soureh universities in Tehran, Mostafa’s works have been widely exhibited in Iran since 2004. Mixing elements of graffiti art with acerbic criticism and aesthetics of destruction, his paintings are noted for the way in which they humorously tackle notable figures in Iranian history.

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Sudi Sharafshahi

Sudi Sharafshahi is a painter, sculptor, photographer and cartoonist who has lived in New York City since 1975. She graduated with a B.F.A. in painting from the faculty of art at Tehran University in 1970 and received an M.F.A in sculpture and graphics from the Royal Academy of The Hague, Holland, in 1974, with a scholarship from the Dutch government.

Sudi continued her training in New York City at New York University, Pratt and The School of Visual Art. She has won several painting and graphic design awards, including Medal of Honor in the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe 119th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2015; Merit Award Human Rights Art Exhibition, 2014; Gertrud Mills Memorial Award, Pen and Brush, New York City, 2001; The Paul Revere Award for Graphics Excellence, New York City, 1991; and the Art Direction Magazine International Award, New York City, 1986 and 1987.

Sudi has had a number of solo shows and has been part of a number of group shows in museums and biennials in Europe, Iran, Japan, South America and the United States. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Modern Art Museum of The Hague, Holland.

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Mahsa Alikhani

Mahsa Alikhani was born in 1981 in Tehran, where she received a degree in architecture and photography. Focusing on sociocultural issues and employing a degree of irony, Mahsa’s works bridge reality and imagination. ‘I materialise my imaginations as realities, and then I take their photos’, she notes, further adding that ‘[my work is] a means for the realisation of thoughts that have no other way of being expressed’. 

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Suhair Sibai

Born in Aleppo-Syria in 1956, Suhair Sibai lives and work as a full-time artist in United States of America.

Displacement, Alienation and Modification of the "self" and "identity" are the apogees to Suhair Sibai's work. Suhair Sibai was educated as an artist in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, where she experienced first hand the Uniqueness and Discord of multiculturalism mingled with the Hollywood world imagined.

"Ideas and ideals are mixed and morphed; metaphors are understood and misunderstood according to context and audience; cultures cross and clash. All the while, the authentic Self - if there is one - is via distortion, alteration, and compromise, made and unmade, struggling to transcend limitations and cultural barriers."

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