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Who We Are

artclub projects (formerly ‘artclvb’) is a non-commercial endeavour on behalf of the affiliated companies, REORIENT MEDIA and projects, comprised of a series of projects and events aimed solely towards the promotion and support of emerging artists.

artclub projects’ role goes far beyond that of a gallery or representative. Instead, we focus our efforts on advocating, providing support for, and mentoring the select artists we choose to take under our wing, as well as ensure that their works are presented in a systematic and meaningful manner to targeted individuals in Toronto’s contemporary art scene.

REORIENT MEDIA is a federally registered private Canadian corporation. projects is a private non-profit corporation registered under the federal laws of Canada and the applicable laws of the province of Ontario.

What We Do

Help emerging artists bring their projects to fruition through providing the necessary venues, materials, and guidance (e.g. mentorship) essential to their practices,

Contribute to the development of an environment wherein artists of different backgrounds and with different perspectives can work side by side and be influenced by one another, and

Help raise funds as well as awareness of the said artists and their works amongst new audiences.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any work featured on our site, please contact the artist directly.  artclub projects will not be involved in any transaction, and will not receive a commission or fee from either side.

How We Do It

artclub projects is supported solely by the donations of art enthusiasts and those passionate about our cause, as well as proceeds from the sale of artwork generously donated by participating and other emerging artists. Sponsorships by art loving organisations and individuals also support our various fundraising events and projects.

How You Can Help

It is chiefly through the financial support of donors and sponsors that we are able to realise our projects. However, you can also help by volunteering your time, expertise, and experience to assist us with our fundraising events and other such initiatives. Needless to say, we would be more than happy to discuss and explore all other possibilities with you.

For more information, please contact us.

Lead Sponsors

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